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Micro-Reality Race Zone Video

Talladega style

Microreality racing track

This is one of the 9 track styles our track can be set up in. Definitely one of the most action packed styles with all the passing in the curves. Who wouldn't want to get behind the wheel of this! Track size is 25'x25'x25'

Oval Micro-Reality Talladega track

Large oval the large oval style is a great track to race on also. As you can tell, the scoreboard is not pictured here. Still looks good, but would look a lot better with the scoreboard. Track size is 28' x16'

Real racing on a small scale
Fun racing action for the whole family

Good-looking crowd!! Bet they spent some money here!!


Stock car racing on small scale

Here is our new generation 3 driver stations.

Racing action for all ages | Stock car

Track Official giving race instructions.

Stock racing action | Feel the speed

And the race is on...


Custom stock car body designs

#15 in the lead

Stock Car winner | Taking the checkered flag

We have a winner!

Stock Car scale

Just showing how big these cars really are.

Talladega stock car racing track | Fast racing action

Top view


Cashes rubbing racing fun

No the smoke is not coming from the tires, but it sure looks cool!!

Nine track shapes | Stock Car trackes in different shapes and sizes

Track shapes track pieces and plastic retaining walls are all numbered here at the shop for easy installation out in the field.

Micro-Reality Motorsports