Namanny Sports & Entertainment Inc. had been founded in 1998,

based on a lot of successful business created by the Namanny Brothers.

A little history

In 1985 Keith Namanny moved back with his family to his home town of Cumberland, IA.

after leaving a successful career promoting Monster Arm Wrestling to start a new sports & entertainment company.

That same year younger brother Kerry moved back from Anchorage Alaska

and joined forces with Keith to create Robotic Boxing & the World Robotic Boxing assoc.

With the success of that they open 2 “Teen clubs” and took on another partner Brother Ken.

With the success of the clubs came Micro Reality Stock Car Racing and incorporating

into Namanny Sports & Entertainment Inc. in 1998. Which grew into an international company that it is today.


Today Namanny Sports & Entertainment Inc. is an international business with more than 400 partners all over the world.

Namanny Sports & Entertainment Inc. is open for new partnership and cooperation.

Kerry Namanny, President of Namanny Sports & Entertainment Inc.

aim is to give every person a chance to have a business and learn how to make money and grow.