National Booking

We are the National Booking Agent for all Micro-Reality & ® Dealers.

We qualify all of our dealers associated with the National Booking Association.

This ensures that when you book your event through us, you are getting the best possible dealer at the best price.

Because, our name is at stake and so is yours.

We can even customize car bodies for you or your client or sponsor adding that personalized touch to any event.

If you have an event that you would like to get a quote on just e-mail us the information or call 712-774-2577.

Please keep this information in mind.

1. Date

2. Location

3. Hours of event

4. Start and end time

5. Indoor or outdoor event

6. If tent is needed

7. If indoors whether or not on ground floor or 2nd floor or basement and is there an elevator.

8. Do you have electrical or do you need a generator

9. What is the size of area you have work with?

11. What are the contact person's name, phone number, and cell number in case of questions?