A lot of people have asked about tents, and this is the one most of our dealers use.

We used it and it works really good.

Unroll it and plug it in.

Beolow are some pictures of the tent that we used for an event that we did.

(Yes, the owners of micro reality; motorsports ken and kerry namanny still do events!! )

We are in one of the pictures in our uniforms, if you would like to buy the shirts or

the table covers we do sell them also.the tent in the pictures is a 36' foot diameter inflatable.

The tent is a valuable piece of equipment for a micro reality dealer for a couple of reasons.

first, it keeps you the equipment and your paying customers cool.
second, it is a drawing card, people want to see what is under the tent

and also you can rent the tent out when you are not using it.
if you have more detailed questions just give us a call: 712-774-2577
Micro-Reality Motorsports Stock Racing Inflatable Tent 1
Tent Thirty-six Feet Diamenter Keeps Cool Customers for Outdoor Fun
Racing Flag Tent Design is a Draw for Micro-Reality Motorsports Track and can be Rented Out when not in Use
Micro-Reality Motorsports Shirts and Table Covers are Available to Add Excitement to the Customers Racing Experience
Add Some Shade with a Tent for the Micro-Reality Motorsports Racing Action